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What is a focus group?

A small group discussion where your insights can help shape the future of Princess Polly - kinda cool, right?!

How much and when will I be paid?

Each participant will receive a $150 USD Visa Gift Card (via email) within 2 business days of the focus group being held. 

What questions will I be asked?

We’ll touch on a range of topics from fashion, trends, sustainability, events, shopping habits, technology and what YOU want the future of Princess Polly to look like. FYI, there are no right or wrong answers to any questions. Just be honest and authentic to you!

Who will I be talking to?

Two members of the global Princess Polly Brand Team will host the discussions and you’ll be joined by 5 other interviewees. 

Will I be recorded and what will you do with my information?

The interview will be recorded and only shared internally with the Princess Polly team.

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