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If no one is home at the time of delivery, your package will be left in a safe location at your shipping address. Be sure to check around the front of your home, especially behind bins/pot plants/fences and under doormats. We also recommend checking with your building management or neighbors who may have collected it for you.

Once you’ve scoped out all possible delivery locations with no luck finding your package after 10 business days, reach out to our Customer Experience team here. Please select “Order Issues - Delivery Dispute / Missing Package” from the dropdown, and include the following information in your message:

  • Your name
  • Order number
  • Email address used to place the order
  • Shipping address you provided at checkout when placing your order

Please note - Missing package claim refunds are at the discretion of Princess Polly. We suggest filing a claim with the carrier directly. Princess Polly is not responsible for lost, held, or damaged packages sent to freight forwarding services. If you placed an order and your shipping address is a forwarding address, you are responsible for contacting your forwarding company to locate your shipment.

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