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We accept all major credit and debits cards, as well as:

  • Afterpay - Pay in 4 interest-free installments so that you can receive your items right away but pay over time! Afterpay is available to customers in USA, Canada, and UK.
  • Shop Pay - Shopify's express payment method
  • PayPal - Complete checkout in one step with PayPal express
  • Venmo - Powered by PayPal, customers are able to checkout with Venmo by selecting PayPal as the express checkout method. In order to see Venmo as an option here, you must have online purchases enabled within the Venmo app (under Settings). This option is only available to customers within the United States.
  • Amazon - Complete checkout with your address info and payment details already populated through
  • Alipay - Third-party mobile and online payment platform available to all customers

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